Back Bay

Fishing Charter

Great for those who get seasick offshore!

With the fishing grounds, only minutes from the dock, this trip allows anglers the opportunity to catch fish without spending all day on the water.

This trip is not as weather dependent as the inshore trips are. There is no need to worry about getting seasick, for those who get sick offshore. The Back Bay offers lake like conditions "most of the time."

Late Spring to early Summer can offer some of the best fishing of the year, with chances of catching big flounder (fluke), weakfish, and bluefish.

As the water temps warm up, the fish start to migrate offshore to cooler water temps. While a lot of the bigger fish have moved offshore, there are still plenty of smaller fish around.


Number of Anglers

4 Hours

5 Hours

1 - 4 Anglers



5 Anglers



6 Anglers



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Back Bay Fishing Charter Highlights