Open Boat Trips

Can't get a couple guys together for a trip?


I am now offering open boat trips for the back bay. I will sail with a minimum of 1 angler and max out at 4 anglers. The pricing will be based off the number of anglers going.



The cost for 1 angler is $125 for 3 hours and $150 for 4 hours. 


Over two anglers each additional angler up to 4 (max) will decrease the cost per angler.


Cost will be adjusted to the cost of the private charters for 3 and 4 anglers.


Number of Anglers
3 Hours
4 Hours
1 - 2 Anglers
$125 per person
$150 per person
3 Anglers
$100 per person
$110per person
4 Anglers
$75 per person
$90 per person